Why Lo-Rez

Solving Challenging Problems
LO-REZ is known for taking on challenging vibration control problems. Since its inception in 1956, LO-REZ has had a long history of providing innovative solutions for vibration control issues.

Product Knowledge
Our team has a combined total of over one hundred years of experience in the industry. We’ve devised hundreds of solutions over the years for our clients.

We built our reputation on solving the toughest vibration control problems. We will always commit to finding a solution. We strive to maintain our reputation as the company you can count on.

Exceptional Customer Service
By consistently serving the industry since 1956, we have become well-known for our outstanding customer service. At LO-REZ, we pledge to earn and maintain your trust.

We deliver on our promise to follow through with our innovative solutions. We are committed to eliminating your vibration control issues.

Quality First
We always deliver a quality solution. Some of our steel spring couplings that were manufactured in the 1970s are still in operation. We will always stand behind our work.

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