Production Process

We build a long-term relationship with our clients by providing a seamless production process. A manager or engineer from our team will oversee your project from start to finish. At LO-REZ, we are committed to constant communication. When a client asks a question, we are ready to offer a quick response. We will consult with you at every step of the production process. From concept to completion, we will maintain regular communication to ensure the results you’re looking for. Since we operate as a manufacturing company with engineering assistance, we will oversee every step of the production process. Our team of competent engineers can assist you in all of the developmental stages of your product. From a mere sketch, our professional designers can create a 3-D model for you and bring it to reality. In addition to a reliable and competent production staff, we also coordinate optimal production methods by having our production staff collaborate with our engineering team. Our methodology ensures a high standard of quality manufacturing. We can also review your design for factors other than its cost-effectiveness and manufacturing feasibility. With our coordinated, hands-on approach to your project development, we will deliver a customized solution for optimal results. We have the ability to perform real-time testing, adapting to your specific requirements and making the necessary adjustments throughout the process for best results. Where product specifications require adjustments, we can handle the redesigns of existing vibration control components or devise a completely new design. At LO-REZ, you can be sure that we will work to find a solution for your needs. Our philosophy of quality, precision and accuracy will provide customized applications to your specifications. We offer design assistance and always provide advice and expertise to help meet our clients’ specifications. From start to finish, we maintain our philosophy of precision and quality.

We’ve built a long-term relationship with our clients because we’ve earned their trust. Customers trust us with their vibration control needs because we do it right every time.

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