Steel Spring Coupling



Lo-Rez helical steel-spring flexible couplings provide low, constant and accurate torsional stiffness (within 8%), unchanged by age, wear, temperature, loading or vibratory intensity. The torsional analyst does not have to speculate as to how much error will creep into the torsional analysis calculations – the results will be certain. In many practical cases, system resonance of the ‘coupling mode’ can be analytically ascertained within 2% accuracy. Tooth separation points in geared systems can often be predicted precisely.

Some of the other features of Lo-Rez steel-spring Couplings

  • Wide selection of torque/stiffness combinations within each of twelve different housing sizes D to N. Maximum torque rating 942,000 Nm for size N2 coupling.
  • Springs constantly under compression.
  • Independent friction dampers help control low-frequency/large amplitude oscillations.
  • Overload limit stops inside the springs prevent excessive spring stresses and coil clash during traversal of major criticals and during shock loading.
  • No lubrication required (unless pilot bearing is used).
  • Easy installation and in-place maintenance. Coupling can be inserted or removed without shifting associated equipment.
  • Ample misalignment capacity with axial, angular and lateral stiffness proportional to torsional stiffness.
  • Wide variety of arrangements possible.


Our remarkable SS steel-spring flexible couplings were developed in the mid-fifties, long before most other coupling manufacturers understood or realized the virtue and necessity of soft torsional connections in power transmission systems. Hundreds of power train systems, locomotives, marine propulsion, reciprocating compressors, plagued by torsional vibration breakdowns, have been dramatically rescued by the use of Lo-Rez Steel-Spring couplings.

Steel-Spring Flexible Couplings

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