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Canadian Coast Guard

Canadian Coast Guard 47-foot lifeboats 31 vessels built to date utilize BR4-ELS isolators to support the twin Caterpillar propulsion engines.The BR4-ELS isolators were selected for this job because of their excellent vibration and noise attenuation capability as well as their robust design and lightweight aluminum main castings.Photo taken by Mike Mitchell


This vessel is operated by the fisheries division of the Canadian Coast Guard and is used primarily for research.In the wet lab located directly above the engine room it was too noisy to carry on a conversation! The solution (1997) was to install our isolation package on to the Caterpillar 3612 propulsion engine and insulate the engine room walls and ceiling.

The Lo-Rez products used were the BR4-HS isolators, I/HF spring coupling and 16 HLF (High Lateral Flexibility) coupling. This retrofit dramatically reduced noise levels throughout the vessel and 16 dB in the wet lab, allowing the scientists to converse at normal levels. 30,000 hours to date.”The end result of installing Lo-Rez engine mounts and flexible couplings, is phenomenal.There are now approximately 12000 operational hours on the main engines with no problems to date”. Albert Mullowney Sr. Project Engineer, C.C.G. St. John’s, NF, March, 2000.

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